The International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference was held during graduation week from 26 to 30 May 2013 on the Harvard University campus. To print a copy of the conference’s multidisciplinary program, click here where you may also print the program for particular tracks in the "Type" section at the top of the wepage.    

The International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) is not affiliated with Harvard University, nor is IJAS a Harvard university program or activity.  

Venue: Pechet Room A [clear filter]
Tuesday, May 28

10:00am HST

10:30am HST

10:45am HST

11:00am HST

11:15am HST

11:30am HST

11:45am HST

12:00pm HST

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12:45pm HST

1:00pm HST

1:15pm HST

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1:45pm HST

2:00pm HST

2:15pm HST

2:30pm HST

2:45pm HST

3:00pm HST

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4:00pm HST

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